Thursday, November 19, 2009

On The R(o)ad!

Here we are, finally. It seems like we've been planning this trip for about as long as we'll be gone but we're on the road at last. I totally misspelled that as "on the rad", which I think is entirely suitable.

We left Vancouver around 4 this afternoon once we finished all of our last minute errands and hit massive traffic along the way. Rain pounding and darkness falling, we made our way to the border. Our homeland security assistant was entirely without humour and immediately pulled us over for inspection, of course. C'mon, look at us. Total terrorists.

After some explanation of our "intent" in their fine country, we sat and waited. He must've performed only the most cursory of searches on Elwood (the van) because the whole process only took about half an hour and mostly consisted of Officer Rodriguez consorting with his co-workers over the legitimacy of "WWOOFing". Thankfully, we had our wwoof book and that pretty much explained everything. After asking one last question regarding the likeliness of our return to Canada, we were sent on our merry way with an "enjoy your experience".

Now we are sitting in the parking lot of a Lutheran church in Bellingham, Washington accessing the unsecured wireless of an unsuspecting neighbor and drinking ridiculously cheap beer. Soon we will watch a dumb movie while the wind rocks us to sleep.



  1. sounds wonderful to be cozy in your van watching a movie! i am so happy for you and will look forward to every word you write (oh to be a mom!!)...