Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Entering Oregon

We tried to go to Mount Saint Helens and got pretty close but it was too cloudy to see it. Oh well, we did find some beautiful views on back roads.
We are now in Portland where we plan to spend a few days walking and biking around looking for cool stuff / cheap foods. We made chili last night in the van with 69c beans we got a dollar store outside of Olympia. I don't want to eat it again tonight but have no choice. :( So far we've had good luck finding free food. Jay got a tip that Trader Joe's dumpsters are good and they are! He found cake(!), Joe's Os cereal, waffles, and organic olive oil in Olympia.

After Portland we're going to go to Cannon Beach on the Oregon coast because we've been told it's totally beautiful and worth it. I've also never seen the open ocean before, so it should be pretty breath-taking. And then on to California down the 101. We plan to be at the first farm on December 1st.


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  1. Aw! So cool! You guys are living it up, I'm so excited to hear about the farm when you get there!

    Love you guys!