Monday, November 23, 2009

November 22nd

Today is the fourth day of our adventure. It's already shaping up to be awesome, as I knew it would be. Flying by the seat of ones pants is the best way to travel. So far we've slept in a church parking lot, a random fancy ass neighborhood, and for the last couple nights we've been put up in a super chill studio suite that belongs to a friend of Janet's.

After sleeping and living in the van for a couple nights, and on friends floors for the two weeks previous it's a welcome change. Janet and I have been finally able to spend some real time together. The apartment we're in overlooks Puget sound so the ocean is the first thing we see upon awaking. There's also a gas stove that provides ceaseless and lovely heat. The van is rad, but the steady rain of the pacific northwest winter can dampen even the hardiest of spirits.

The greatest challenge to van life so far has been cooking. It can be done, but it's cramped. I'm sure we will figure out a better system as time goes on but as of the last couple days Janet has been sitting in the passenger seat chopping veggies on the center console while I kneel in front of our pantry shelf and cook the food on our trusty coleman stove. Despite the cramped nature of cooking in Elwood we have not been dissuaded from eating well. Scrambled eggs and coffee provide a steady breakfast while our large supply of brown rice and lentils guarantee a healthy dinner.

There are plenty of benefits to van living and they certainly outweigh the hardships. Being upwardly mobile is by far the best. In the last few days we tend to make camp wherever we can pick up a free wireless signal. The internet is what separates man from the beasts after all. If I can't shower regularly or take a dump in my own toilet I damn well better be able to check my facebook.

Now I'm going to return to editing my digipics and reading enders game. Till next time dear friends.


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