Friday, November 27, 2009

City of Roses

We spent most of yesterday cooped up inside a cafe due to the ceaseless rain. At least we found a nice little anarchist spot with free wireless and an "anti-Thanksgiving" Star Wars marathon. In hindsight, we should have sought a free turkey dinner a little harder but the late night dumpster run yielded a few holiday treats. Brussel sprouts! I love them.

Portland is a beautiful city with a unique spirit. So many locally owned shops and cafes, grassroots organizations and feelings of true community. Although this did work against us last night when we parked on a dark street to sleep and were greeted by a bearded man with a flashlight telling us to leave on account of the neighbourhood watch. We moved over a few blocks where some frat types were partying loudly and no one bothered us.

I think I am finally hitting my stride in terms of living in the van. My clean freak tendencies have to be suppressed a little but I still feel like it's really important to be observant and conscientious in such a small space. Watch what you put where and especially when all surfaces double as food prep areas.

Today we are after a public pool for showering. Hopefully we are not thwarted by the holiday... And because of the sunshine, we will ride bikes finally.

Next, Cannon Beach and the open sea. Dreamy...


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