Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day In, Day Out

Wow! We've been at the farm for a month now and it has flown by. Our schedule is something like this:
7am - Wake up, coffee, CBC radio, breakfast.
8am - Work!
11am - One of us prepares lunch
12pm - Eat lunch!
1pm - Back to work or one of us does the dishes
6pm - Quittin' time! Coffee again and a joint ;)
7pm - Make dinner and eat

We try to be in bed before 11pm and it is damn easy to fall asleep after a day that full and six days a week, no less. We only end up with 3 hours of free time in a day!

Despite the back breaking schedule, we've been pretty productive. I've read two books since we've been here and assembled a quilt. Jay made birdfeeder, a chair, many axe handles and we've got our garden growing too.

We have a wood stove and it keeps us warm on chilly nights, we've got a big deck with a beautiful view and soon we will have all the peaches we can eat! What else do you need?

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