Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What's next?

We are back in Hilo after a brief sojourn in "the gulch". We spent the last five days at the aforementioned farmstead, cleaning up after the previous wwoofers and building a shelter for our hammocks. Unfortunately, though I really like the couple and their daughter, we might not go back there unless we can't find anything else.

I would hesitate to even call it wwoofing. The deal here was working 10 hours a week basically for a place to stay but as there were no accommodations available for us, we would be working 10 hours a week for camping and some bananas, both of which can be found for free basically anywhere on the whole island of Hawaii.

It's hard not to see the potential in a place when you want so badly to own your own land somewhere and you can see all the possibilities for experiments and adventures in farming. But when it's not your land or your capital, you just do what you're told or you break your back working for a possible outcome that you may never profit from or enjoy the completion of. And, this is my vacation, so I'm going to do what I want.

Tomorrow we will go down to the Puna district where there are apparently lots and lots of farms. So we will check out our opportunities there and hopefully come up with something a little more suited to our needs.

Wish us luck!

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