Tuesday, November 30, 2010

O'ahu you doin'? Honoluluvin' life!

Hawaii has been so good to us already and it's only been a week. We found some hosts on couchsurfing.org at the last minute and it has paid off. Not only have we had a free place to stay, we've had great people to hang out with and a lot of help with almost everything we have wanted to do.

Currently we are staying in Manoa which is the neighbourhood in Honolulu that Obama lived in. Yep. Our first day here we went for a hike up to Manoa Falls through a magical jungle. That night we were at a bonfire birthday party on the north shore of the island. We planned to camp out on the beach that night but it rained and we were taken in by an awesome surfer dude with lots of couches.

The next two days we walked, bussed and hitch-hiked along the north coast heading east, camping along the way. Then we came back to Honolulu and were so lucky that our couchsurfing hosts took us back in even though they had another couchsurfer staying with them. Linus Von Moos from Switzerland! He's awesome! This is what the girls say ;)

It's been a pretty constant party. Snorkeling, swimming and beaching in the days and painting parties and cheap beer & bourbon at night. We can't decide when we want to leave O'ahu because we've been so lucky to meet great people who've hooked us up with more places to stay here.

I want to try surfing before we head to the Big Island because the south shore of O'ahu has some of the best beginner waves. I also need to pick up a ukelele while we are staying with Nick and Anne because they've got lots of paints and I want to personalize my uke.

All in all, our adventure has been relaxing and magical so far. As soon as I glanced the constellation of Orion out of the plane window, I knew we we're being watched over and that our troubles would be few. Orion was a herald of good times for us on our last radventure too.

We don't have regular internet access, so until next time,

Aloha my friends!

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