Sunday, January 3, 2010

'Frisco Observations

After walking approximately 25 miles over the past two days, I feel like I have some ideas about the beautiful city of San Francisco. I also have very sore feet.

I've noticed a lot of Volkswagen Beetles. I've seen as many fixies as Vancouver, if not more. I've seen quite a few British bulldogs, American bulldogs, pitbulls, chowchows and many, many. chihuahuas. There are no alleys and not a lot of basements because all the garages and parking spaces are in front. Even two million dollar homes are small (unless you're up at the top of a hill). Not everything is on a hill but there are a lot of incredibly steep hills. It's very small and dense.

I love all the pastel Victorians with ornate bay windows. I had pretty much convinced myself that they were called bay windows because every house here has them and y'know, the bay and all. But I guess it's just a convienient way to maximize a view in small spaces and coincidentally some of the view here is of a bay.

Young people pretty much look the same. Hipsters and hippies. Almost everyone we've met is an artist but I guess that has something to do with the fact that our lovely ambassador Jess is an artist herself.

Today we'll take a bus, on accounta the sore feet, up to Fisherman's Wharf and North Beach. Tonight we'll head to Oakland to check it out and we'll probably dumpster dive in Berkeley tomorrow. On Tuesday we're taking an Alcatraz tour. And Wednesday we're outta here, on down the coast to Big Sur and eventually through the big sink to Escondido.

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