Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Current location: Fort Bragg, California

Well, I'll start where we left off. Our last day in Portland was great. It stopped raining and we were finally able to use our bikes. We biked along the river and took pictures. It was so good to get some exercise after being cooped up inside for days. It was also our last chance to go to a restaurant in Portland, so we went to a little pho place called the Green Papaya because I had a craving for soup. It was great!
To pass the dark hours that night we went to a cheap movie house and saw Zombieland because 500 Days of Summer was sold out. Man, Portland sure knows how to have fun. $3 movies in vintage theatres that also sell cheap pitchers of beer, pizza and nachos. I'm starting to understand why Vancouver is called No Fun City, especially in comparison to the way that Portland specifically caters to our age demographic. So many tattoo shops, amazing coffee, great music, and cheap tasty eats.

The next day we headed to Cannon Beach, which was beautiful and totally worth the slight northward backtrack. It was my first time seeing the open ocean, not the Georgia Straight, not Puget sound, not the Gulf of Mexico but the Pacific; rolling in on itself and carving the coast into mad spires. It's breathtaking.

We camped that night at Cape Lookout. It was right on the coast as well and we watched the sunset and were actually able to finally have a campfire (forgot to get marshmellows).

The next two days kinda blend together in my memory. Lots of driving and crazy curving roads. The dunes of Oregon. We drove into California mid-day yesterday and took a detour down the Avenue of the Giants. Redwoods in all their majesty. I took lots of videos, you can see them on my flickr.

Okay, well gotta get back on the road. We're going to the farm now! Boonville is around the corner.



  1. Sounds absolutely fantastic thus far! I'm so happy you're having so many adventures! *arm pump* Free wireless! I couldn't agree more, Jay! *laughs*

  2. Janet, I've been enjoying your words and images. I'm so excited for you my little appleseed! I would have to agree with you...Victoria and Vancouver can be pretty sleepy compared to Portland. I would move there in a heartbeat. I only spent three days, and my family had to peel me from the pubs and thrift shops. Looking forward to hearing about all your piratey adventures my friend.